Database Solutions for Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas Database Solutions

EnergizeDB is a workflow, compliance, and accounting application customized for the Oil and Gas Broker Dealer. It allows you to automate daily workflow, establish sound accounting practices, and increase productivity and visibility of daily broker activity.

EnergizeDB helps the independent Oil and Gas Broker Dealer meet financial regulatory requirements on Oil and Gas and other SEC Regulation D securities. Now any size broker dealer or independent oil and gas investment firm can meet FINRA, SEC, and State regulatory demands. Get our free white paper “5 Crucial Elements of Compliancy”.

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Sales Edition Video

Sales Edition

Accounting Edition Video Coming Soon!

Sales Edition

  • Import and name lead lists
  • Assign State licenses to Brokers
  • Manage brokers call schedule
  • Automate daily mail-out workflow
  • Track PPM book numbers
  • Manage lead -> prospect -> client lifecyle
  • Phone System integration available

Accounting Edition

  • Define AFE terms and costs on projects
  • Permanently record Units, WI, NRI purchased
  • Track investments as commitments initially
  • Manage incoming payment on commitments
  • Keep track of units sold, left to sell, and over sold
  • Establish multiple operations and view of new balances
  • Return or transfer unused investments



  • is designed specifically for independent broker dealers
  • is customizable to your practices
  • can be hosted or premises based
  • is secure
  • was designed by successful broker dealers
  • integrates with 3rd party JIB & Ledger accounting systems
  • helps you achieve regulatory compliance